Please note that all accounts we provide to our clients are demo accounts with fictitious funds and any trading is in a simulated environment only. For more information, please feel free to visit our FAQ section.
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Sign up with E8X and customize an evaluation plan that complements your unique trading approach, or choose one of our predefined programs.

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2. Evaluate

Demonstrate your ability to effectively execute your strategy by managing risk and generating profit while adhering to the account trading objectives.

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Receive access to the E8 Traders account, allowing you to start earning up to 100% of your profits through your strategy. Request first payout in just 8 days.

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Increase your account balance with each consecutive withdrawal up to $1,000,000 in Virtual Funds.

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Our providers
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Payout system

E8 Traders can request their first payout after 8 days, with subsequent payouts available every 14 days.

E8 Traders
Successful stories
Dive into the stories of our traders
Nathan H.

From Humble Beginnings to Market Heights

Nathan's trading journey is a true rollercoaster of early wins, tough lessons, and a victorious comeback. Diving into currency trading at 19 with just £15,000, he experienced the thrill of doubling his investment, only to face setbacks that could have ended his career. But Nathan didn't give up. Instead, he refined his strategy, which led to a remarkable achievement: earning $68,868 with the E8.

Story of Dedicated Trader from India

Vijaya's trading story is an inspiring blend of passion and strategy, leading to a $100,000 Payout with E8. At 33, this Indian trader combines a keen analytical approach with a focus on Forex and commodities, emphasizing risk management and emotional discipline. His success story highlights the importance of dedication, ethical trading, and continuous learning.

Twitter Giveaway to $30,000 in Payouts

Everest's leap into Forex trading began with a simple chat in 2019, leading to a deep dive into the markets. From Nigeria, he merges creativity with analysis, mastering swing trading and earning $30,000 with E8. His journey underlines patience, education, and a strategic approach as keys to trading success.
Nathan H.
Vijaya S.
Everest A.

Disclosure: This is not an investment opportunity. You do not deposit any funds for investment. We do not ask for any funds for investment. At no time do you risk your own capital. There are no promises of rewards or returns. E8 Markets operates as an evaluation company, providing access solely to demo accounts in a simulated trading environment. Our services are designed to evaluate professional competencies, and outcomes depend on the individual’s proficiency and adherence to program guidelines and goals. We advise prospective clients to thoroughly examine the program details before engaging in any of our offerings. All payments on the E8 platform are considered as access to a software solution and all purchases are non-refundable unless not used. General Notice: Trading in financial markets is inherently high-risk and speculative. The content and information provided on this website are not intended for distribution to, or use by, any person or entity in any jurisdiction or country where such distribution or use would be contrary to local law or regulation. Operator Information: This website is managed and operated by E8 Funding LLC ("the Company"). The Company is not engaged in providing any investment services as defined in the Capital Market Undertakings Act No. 256/2004 Coll. E8 Funding LLC does not function as a broker and does not accept deposits. The technology solution for the E8 Funding trading platforms, including the data feed, is provided by third-party data providers. Content Disclaimer: All content published and disseminated by E8 Funding LLC and its affiliates is intended solely for informational purposes. Nothing on this website is to be construed as investment advice, nor an offer or invitation to buy or sell any financial instrument, nor does it endorse, recommend, or sponsor any financial product, company, or fund. Testimonials on the Company's website may not be reflective of the experience of other clients or customers and should not be considered as an assurance of future performance or success. Hypothetical Performance Disclosure: Hypothetical or simulated performance results have inherent limitations. Unlike actual performance records, these results do not represent real trading. Moreover, since the trades have not been executed, the results may have under-or over-compensated for the impact of any market factors, such as lack of liquidity. No representation is made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown in hypothetical results. - CFTC Rule 4.4 Evaluation Disclaimer: The evaluation program's customer pass rate from January 1, 2023, to March 1, 2024, was 17.7%, for those who traded at least once during this period and obtained an E8 Trader Account. The Evaluation and E8 Trader accounts aim to simulate trading under real market conditions as closely as possible, including commissions and spreads. However, the evaluation is challenging and may not be suitable for individuals with limited or no trading experience. E8 Funding LLC does not provide any of the investment services listed in the Capital Market Undertakings Act No. 256/2004 Coll. Customer Compensation Disclosure: Compensation presented for customer trades should be regarded as hypothetical. Such performances are not indicative of, and should not be expected to replicate in a live trading account. E8 Trader Accounts represent simulated trading environments. Testimonials and payout information may not be representative of other clients' or customers' experiences and should not be viewed as guarantees of future performance or success.

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